IMG_4987Personal growth is my jam.  My life-long desire to understand myself resulted in a fervent longing to know “why”. This drove my mother crazy. It also drove me to educate myself. I studied psychology and child development in college and pursued my own healing through therapy, personal growth workshops and books.  In 2016 my passion for mental health motivated me to become certified through the Courageous Living Coaching Certification.

I believe one of the key components to a happy and fulfilling life is following your dreams.  When you’re doing what you love, life feels meaningful and vibrant.  I’m passionate about personal growth and supporting people.  It makes me feel connected…to myself, to humanity, to compassion.  I can’t help but explore and analyze myself.  I also love hiking, yoga, eating healthy, singing and dancing, travel, talking to strangers,  and trying new things. As a Life Coach I’m connecting with people in a real way on a daily basis, helping them make their dreams a reality – and my family loves that I’m not coaching them!

I coach clients through confronting what is keeping them from achieving their dreams.  I’ll guide you to foster more self-compassion, identify and shift limiting beliefs and behaviors and take action toward your goals.  Together, we’ll courageously  and compassionately work through your challenges.  I’m certified through the Courageous Living Coach Certification which is rooted in a holistic philosophy and grounded in supporting clients where they’re at.  Currently, I’m accepting clients for 60 minute one-on-one sessions.

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