Mandy Kay Coaching :: Coaching Agreement

I’m excited that we’re going to begin coaching together! Please make note of the following policies and refer back to this page/document as needed. The Agreement being entered into is between yourself and Mandy Kay Coaching and its agents/representatives, with me (Amanda Mauerman) as the principal representative you’ll be working with.

Client-Coach Integrity: By entering into a coaching relationship, we’re agreeing to hold ourselves to a high level of integrity and accountability.

  • Understand that we live in a culture that often tries to “wiggle out” of being in integrity or fully accountable. Because of this, people who ask others to act with integrity and be fully accountable are often portrayed as being “unfair,” as if “fairness” involves doing whatever would make someone else happy, rather than maintaining a commitment to an agreement.
  • I ask you to please hold me, as your coach, to a high level of integrity and accountability, and I would like to promise you my commitment to that as well.
  • Integrity and accountability are not something we are “held to,” they are something we “rise to.” No one can “pull” us along. We do the work ourselves. Thus, my clients do the work themselves.
  • Look for as many places as possible to have fun with this work! Happiness is a choice.


  • The cost is $50.00 for each 60-minute session, which are scheduled by you (the client) through e-mail, phone or text.
  • Payments are due 24 hours before a session.  If a session is scheduled with less than 24 hour notice payment is due immediately following scheduling the session.
  • Payments are made via Venmo; please look for a request from me in your inbox or facebook(note: sometimes they end up in a spam folder; please email me if you can’t find the request anywhere).
  • There are no refunds for sessions; they are non-transferable to others.
  • Sometimes technology snafus happen; unfortunately, we cannot reschedule or extend the time of sessions in those cases when a client experiences difficulties with Skype or their cell phone. Please be sure to have a backup method of communication.
  • If a client has not paid for a session, that session will not be held.


  • The occasional check-in email with a question is fine, however, if the email would require a longer or more involved response, it’s best to address those issues during a session, in-person.
  • Please hold on to practices, rather than emailing them to me before a session, unless requested to do so.
  • Understand that of course I cannot absolutely guarantee that correspondence sent or received to me via email (or any other electronic means) would not be intercepted or viewed by a third party.

Lateness & Rescheduling:

  • If a client is late to a session by 15 minutes or less, we’ll use the remaining session time available.
  • If a client is more than 15 minutes late the session is considered canceled by the client.
  • It’s important that whenever a client needs to reschedule or cancel, I receive a PHONE call (or a text, not an email) at 925-207-0375. Please leave a voicemail if I don’t pick up! This is critical. Again, please don’t use email to reschedule or cancel a session–phone calls and texts, only.
  • If a client needs to reschedule, I need at least twenty-four hours notice, unless it’s a serious, unavoidable emergency.
  • Serious, unavoidable emergencies include injury and sudden illness, but do not include things like (for example) having a bad week/not feeling like having a session, or an invitation to have dinner with a friend who is unexpectedly in town.
  • Clients are responsible for creating backup plans to avoid canceling sessions with less than 24 hours notice.
  • In the above non-emergency examples, please know that I will totally honor and support you in making the best choice for you–do go and have dinner, or skip a session if you wish! I won’t think poorly of you. Just please note that I will still require payment for that session time if it was not rescheduled with at least 24 hours notice; if a payment has already been made, it won’t be transferred to another session.
  • In cases where there is at least 24 hours notice, of course we’ll simply reschedule the session for a time that works better for you.
  • For your safety, I’m not willing to conduct sessions if you are in a moving car. Please call to let me know if you’re running late, then get to a good place to hold your session, and then call me back and we’ll pick up with the remaining session time.
  • Again, please note that the session cannot be rescheduled, nor the session time extended, if Skype is making it difficult to conduct the session, or if there are problems with your cell phone.


  • I maintain confidentiality for all of my clients, with the following exception(s): if a client shares that they are in the process of, or are planning to, hurt themselves or someone else, I break confidentiality by whatever means I can in order to ensure that no one is harmed.
  • It is also possible that I would need to break confidentiality if required to do so by law.
  • Of course, in this digital age, I can make no guarantees that my cell phone would not be hacked or that my email account would not be hacked. Those are always potential risks, though naturally I do what I can to prevent them from happening (and, of course, I am fallible).
  • Coaching is an unlicensed and unregulated industry. I am not a therapist, and do not diagnose or treat conditions. Coaching is to be used on an “at your own risk” basis and is not recommended as a substitute for therapy.
  • If you have been diagnosed or in treatment for a mental health-related condition in the past, you are advised to continue with that treatment.
  • By entering into a coaching relationship, you understand and acknowledge that you are solely responsible for your own choices, and that no guarantees or outcomes are being promised as a result of coaching. You are encouraged to seek the advice or second opinions of the professionals of your choosing before proceeding with any of the suggestions made during our coaching sessions.

By beginning coaching and sending in payment, you acknowledge that you have read and understand all the terms and conditions outlined in this agreement, and that you agree to abide by the terms and conditions described.

Terms subject to change

These terms are subject to change without notice. When they do change, the Client Agreement page will be updated  Please request a new PDF copy of the updated agreement at regular intervals if you want to keep your copy of this agreement updated. Note that if there is a difference between what is noted here and what is on the Client Agreement page, this is unintentional and the most recent update to the Client Agreement Terms & Conditions is what will be used.

TO CONFIRM you acknowledge that you have read and understand all the terms and conditions outlined in this agreement, please COPY/PASTE the following into an email and send it to with the subject line: “COACHING AGREEMENT.”

“I, [ insert your legal name ], have read, understand, and agree to abide by the Terms & Conditions outlined within the Client Agreement document.”