melissaCoaching with Mandy has truly changed my life. I had always been shy, quiet, and too afraid to speak my mind. The opinions of others were ruling my life and it needed to stop. She asked me questions about myself that I wouldn’t think to ask, and in doing that, I thought hard and learned so much about myself. With each session, whether in-person or over the phone, Mandy helped me come to see my true potential and how happy I could be if I believed in myself. I now often catch myself speaking my truth in situations where I would have been quiet in the past. Thanks to her coaching and my hard work looking into myself, I am more confident and not constantly fearing what others might be thinking. If I’m ever questioning something, a session with her always makes me feel better and slow down to think clearly about what to do. I can never thank her enough for helping me love myself and be happy! ¬†–¬†Melissa Miller

CaraThis is the woman who has helped me to live the life that I want. There are times when you need a moment of well-placed self-reflection and a little accountability to realize your true potential. Mandy excels at providing a calm, positive and productive space for me to explore my own growth and progress. I leave every session brimming with possibilities. In my journey to become a writer and overcome introversion, she has coached me into completing and submitting projects, facing criticism and feeling empowered by my goals rather than daunted by them. She is always able to get below the surface of obstacles and help me to find a path through to accomplishment. Working with Mandy has transformed my outlook on what I can achieve and I am entering my new career feeling confident and supported. – Cara N.

AmberA friend of mine connected me with Mandy following a life altering injury. I am incredibly grateful to both that friend and to Mandy! She has coached me through many challenges of daily living that present themselves in direct response to my injury. She has gifted me with techniques to cope with stress and change. We have worked on realistic goal setting. We have celebrated my successes.

Through the use of guided meditations, Mandy has helped me to change my perspective on long-held beliefs that were no longer serving me. She has helped me to exercise greater compassion for myself. This is extremely challenging for me; however, Mandy continues to ask me inciteful questions that allow me to realize that I too am worthy of the compassion I so easily show to others. Mandy has relentlessly encouraged me to always consider my main goal (recovery), above all other things. She is a compassionate, thoughtful, intelligent, and intuitive coach. I consider myself truly blessed to be working with Mandy! – Amber U.