I’m certified through the Courageous Living Coach Certification which is rooted in a holistic philosophy and grounded in supporting clients where they’re at.  I’m about getting real and having support. I believe self-esteem and health go hand in hand. I help people to better care for themselves so they can live happier and richer lives.  Currently, I’m accepting clients for 60 minute one-on-one sessions.

I coach people who need support following their passion.  I coach clients through confronting what is keeping them from achieving their dreams.   Some blocks I’ve helped people work through are body image issues, self-esteem issues, time management, and accountability.  Whatever it is for you I’ll guide you to foster more self-compassion, identify and shift limiting beliefs and behaviors and take action toward your goals.

Our sessions are co-created meaning we will work together.  After I really get to know you and the issue you’re coming to me for, I will guide you in exploring your challenges and making changes.  Some tools I sometimes use are meditations, visualizations, zen tarot cards, making lists and plans and journaling.

What I’m Bringing:

  • Compassion and understanding
  • Thoughtful and enlightening questions
  • Exercises and activities (in session and solo opportunities) to deepen your connection to you and work through challenges
  • Accountability and confidentiality

What You’re Bringing:

  • A desire to experience more joy and connection in your life
  • Knowledge that you can’t change outside circumstances or people – only yourself
  • Honesty in our sessions and with yourself.
  • Courage and vulnerability

It’s imperative you feel accepted and safe enough to be authentic with whoever you choose as your coach.  The more authentic you can be the more potential you have for growth.  Let’s connect and see if we’re a good fit.

You can schedule sessions with me by e-mailing mandy@mandykaycoaching.com. You can schedule one or more sessions at a time.  In my experience, you should plan on a minimum of 4 sessions to get the most out of our work together.  Sessions are held through Uber Conference and are $50.  Payment is due 24 hours before a confirmed session.

After booking your first session you’ll receive my confirmation e-mail with my coaching agreement, pre-session questions, a link to make a payment through Venmo or Paypal and call in information.  Both documents and payment will need to be completed at least 24 hours before we have our first call.  Your answers will help me get to know you and help us get the ball rolling, saving money and time on our first call.  Please give yourself ample time to fill it out.